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Such Great Heights

On our very first day in New York, my sister and I had tons of time to kill before we were able to check into our hotel room, so we dropped off our bags and decided to wander around and see the sights and do some shopping. We opted to go to Top of the Rock since it wasn’t too far of a walk from our hotel. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, but I wanted to at least go to Top of the Rock (or the Empire State Building) because I felt that I couldn’t just go to New York and not go to either of those buildings, y’know? I went to the Eiffel Tower in Paris when I was 16 and spent most of my time there glued to the center near the ATM and water closet (who knew there’d be an ATM or toilet there?!) because I was too afraid to go near the edge and fully take in the sights of Paris that the tower had to offer. Like, I was seriously in tears when my family tried to get me to come near the railing for a group picture. * le sigh *

So, how’d I do at Top of the Rock? Surprisingly well, actually! I was kind of alarmed at how quasi calm I was. My knees were steady and didn’t turn to jelly like they normally would. I  did step on a loose tile on the highest observation deck and that gave me a wee fright, but other than that I was alright. And I got to see how beautiful and ENORMOUS New York City is. 🙂

We also went to the NBC Experience store afterwards since it was in the same building! AND I got to see the 30 Rock sign. HIGH FIVIN’ A MILLION ANGELS.

I know I’m moving at an extremely glacial pace with these damn NYC posts — it’ll be exactly a month since I went on the 25th… that’s tomorrow! Where the fug did the time go?! And I’m really hoping to get the rest out this week, so there may be a whole NYC spam coming soon. And maybe I’ll do more than one post in one day. Maybe.


PS: Do doo do do do doo doo do do do do dooo…



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