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A Day at the Museum

I’m a fan of dinosaurs and museums, so if there’s a museum that has a dinosaur section I’m more than willing to go. So of course the American Museum of Natural History (ANHM) was on the top of my list of places I MUST visit while in New York! It virtually has EVERYTHING — space, earth science, marine life, wildlife, SO MANY THINGS… it was absolutely overwhelming and I’m so bummed that we didn’t get to explore the whole place (we also went to the Metropolitan Art Museum that day and spent even less time there). We were able to go to the two sections I wanted to see most though which were the dinosaurs (duh!) and the marine life area.

The marine life area only proved to me that monsters do, in fact, exist, and they all happen to live in the ocean. There is some frightening sh!t down there — some creatures look like they’d be monsters from Doctor Who, that’s how scary they are. In fact, I saw something that looks EXACTLY like a monster that was on Doctor Who!

“Come at me bro!”

Does this remind anyone else of Parks & Recreation?

I found Prisoner Zero!

The almighty Hypnotoad’s ancestor…?

Puppy-sized Stegosaurus.

That’s just some of the pictures I took at the ANHM. Hope you little ponies enjoyed them! Next up will be a post full of pictures I took at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!


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Such Great Heights

On our very first day in New York, my sister and I had tons of time to kill before we were able to check into our hotel room, so we dropped off our bags and decided to wander around and see the sights and do some shopping. We opted to go to Top of the Rock since it wasn’t too far of a walk from our hotel. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, but I wanted to at least go to Top of the Rock (or the Empire State Building) because I felt that I couldn’t just go to New York and not go to either of those buildings, y’know? I went to the Eiffel Tower in Paris when I was 16 and spent most of my time there glued to the center near the ATM and water closet (who knew there’d be an ATM or toilet there?!) because I was too afraid to go near the edge and fully take in the sights of Paris that the tower had to offer. Like, I was seriously in tears when my family tried to get me to come near the railing for a group picture. * le sigh *

So, how’d I do at Top of the Rock? Surprisingly well, actually! I was kind of alarmed at how quasi calm I was. My knees were steady and didn’t turn to jelly like they normally would. I  did step on a loose tile on the highest observation deck and that gave me a wee fright, but other than that I was alright. And I got to see how beautiful and ENORMOUS New York City is. 🙂

We also went to the NBC Experience store afterwards since it was in the same building! AND I got to see the 30 Rock sign. HIGH FIVIN’ A MILLION ANGELS.

I know I’m moving at an extremely glacial pace with these damn NYC posts — it’ll be exactly a month since I went on the 25th… that’s tomorrow! Where the fug did the time go?! And I’m really hoping to get the rest out this week, so there may be a whole NYC spam coming soon. And maybe I’ll do more than one post in one day. Maybe.


PS: Do doo do do do doo doo do do do do dooo…



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Frugal Chic: A SammyDress Review

My best friend Shanice pointed out how people who have money tend to spend it less freely and people who don’t have money spend it like they have it. Unfortunately, I’m of the latter (but I’ve actually been pretty good about not buying super frivolous things this year… so far anyway). If you happen to be like me, and strive to find your fashion on the frugal side, you might enjoy SammyDress. They’re an online wholesale clothing and accessory store based in Asia. Not too long ago I was approached by them to review a couple of their products on my blog, and since their site was full of super cute accessories, I delightfully obliged! I picked the horse tote pictured above and a pink dress that looks more like a blouse on me.

SammyDress’ photo of the horse tote.

The site’s photo of the bag looks more like an apricot color, but in person it’s actually beige, and the cross body strap it comes with isn’t dark brown like the trim, but the same beige as the body of the bag. I’m slightly bummed about that since I think it looks much more aesthetically pleasing with the darker strap. I still think it’s super adorable though and I love the design of the horse with the tasseled tail and harlequin print. I think the quality of the bag is Forever 21-ish, which is decent considering that it retails for $13.70 (what a steal, right?!). Oh, and it’s extremely sturdy — I was able to fit all my usual necessities inside of it, including my clunky camera (always a plus). There’s also a couple of slots on the inside and a zipper closure. I got quite a few compliments when I went out with it too! 🙂

I got the dress/blouse in the shade of pink on the left.

Since the store is based in Asia, be mindful of the sizes since they run small. It’s a safe bet to order one size up. The blouse/dress I got, which is pictured on the left,  is a 2xl and I figured it might be okay since I can fit into an XL most of the time (curse these big boobs of mine). It really depends on the brand (again, curse these big boobs of mine). It fit me quite snuggly, and I would’ve taken a picture of myself in it to show how it looks, but I really don’t feel comfortable doing so since I didn’t find it to be flattering on me at all. The sides are sheer which I couldn’t tell from the site’s pictures, so you’d need to wear a camisole underneath it and the front and back aren’t completely attached to the garment in the middle. Perhaps it’s one of those pieces that looks nicer on petite ladies. SammyDress does offer a few garments in larger sizes from xl-4x, and I tried to request some of those items, but they weren’t available to review (not sure why).

Overall, I’m quite happy with the tote and I think SammyDress is an ideal place to look for fun accessories on the fly for yourself or as gifts for friends. As for clothes, I’d just be extra careful about the size. Some pieces have reviews so you can get a better idea of it, but others don’t, so it’s a bit of a gamble if you’re game.


purse: c/o SammyDress (buy here) // dress + belt: BCX Dress // cardigan: H&M // glasses: Brooks Brothers (buy here) // shoes: Juicy Couture (Crossroads Clothing Co. find) // magnifying glass necklace: American Rag // Sherlock necklace: Le Fancy Geek Boutique (available soon)

This is a sponsored post courtesy of SammyDress.com. They sent me a couple of products to review as compensation. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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Around We Go

Today’s post is full of equine glory!

While in New York, I got to go to Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn which has been featured in an episode of Glee and an issue of Harper’s Bazaar with Mila Kunis. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful carousels I’ve ever seen. If you find yourself in the area, it’s worth a visit ($2 per ride), and there’s a great view of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge right outside, and not too far away from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

We also passed by Le Carrousel in Bryant Park while cutting through it [the park] to get to the subway. It’s super petite and adorable! I wanted to take more pictures of it, but that’s when both my phone and the SD card on my camera were too full. Blurgh!

The carousel at Central Park was already closed when we passed by it, but I saw soooo many beautiful REAL horses that had plumes adorned on their heads! ♡

I have SO FUGGIN’ MANY pictures from New York I still want to post on here! Please stay tuned as I sort through them. 😀


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BookCon: Comic-Con for Bibliophiles!

I got to go to BookCon last Sunday while I was in New York and it was BANANAS — B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I had to spell it out Gwen Stefani style because that’s just how bananas it was.

I didn’t know that it was the very first one, or that Book Expo America (BEA), a trade show for industry folks, would be going on at the same time. One side of the exhibit hall was cut off just for BookCon while the rest was devoted to BEA and it was constantly crowded as BEA attendees were also permitted access to the show floor at BookCon and the panels. It felt like all I did was wait in lines for a majority of the time — lines to get into panels, lines to get into the bathroom (which sounds normal, but 30 minutes?), lines to get freebies, etc. It was mass chaos — especially when it came time for the The Fault in Our Stars panel. My sister and I didn’t even bother trying to get into the queue, so no John Green for me. 😦

But with all that aside, I’m really happy that I was able to go! I just need to remind myself that it was their first go, so it wasn’t going to run perfectly smooth (no convention really does, in my experience). Hopefully they’ll take into account some of the snafus from this year to make the next one more successful. Plus I GOT SO MANY FREE BOOKS (pictured below)!!!

We went to the kickoff panel the night before where Tina Fey (AHH!!!), Jason Bateman, Shawn Levy, and Jonathan Tropper talked about and showed some special clips from the film adaptation of Tropper’s novel This is Where I Leave You. I read the book a couple weeks prior to the trip and I loved it. I’m all for stories about dysfunctional families (who isn’t?) and Tropper is a great storyteller, and based on the clips they showed it looks like it’s going to be a hilarious and gut wrenching adaptation. Oh, and I BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS TINA FEY (and Jason Bateman, but I’m mostly excited about TINA FEY). Just being in the same room as her was a f*cking honor! And Jonathan Tropper read a few passages from This is Where I Leave You to set up certain scenes they showed, which I thought was quite spectacular. He also wrote the screenplay, so it was definitely interesting to learn how he and the director decided to translate the book and figure out what parts to keep, what parts to tweak, and what parts to omit all together.

I also got to go to a panel that featured debut novelists Courtney Collins (The Untold), Yelena Akhtiorskaya (Panic in a Suitcase), and Celeste Ng (Everything I Never Told You) where they talked about their own individual journeys on how they got their first novels published — pretty informing stuff for aspiring writers. I also got a copy of their novels after the panel as well. I feel slightly bad though because the volunteer that was putting them on the table for us to collect them said, “One each.” I thought he meant one of each. But he didn’t. He meant literally only take ONE book. Oops. Courtney Collins’ book is in stores right now — I actually saw it at work yesterday. It’s such a trip to know I saw her and heard her talk about her book and a slew of other things!


I got a free signed copy of Eric Smith’s The Geek’s Guide to Dating and I was pretty stoked to meet him since I started following him on Twitter after seeing an article about how he proposed to his fiance with a copy of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars last year. If anyone is qualified to write a guide book on dating for geeks, it’s him, no question. I mean proposing by way of The Fault in Our Stars? SHUT UP, OKAY? OKAY. I high fived him for that too (I’m very enthusiastic about high fives). And he also sent me a copy of Ransom Riggs’ Hollow City to review last month, so I was happy to be able to thank him in person. Which reminds me, I really need to get crackin’ on that! By the way, I highjacked the picture above from his Twitter page since my sister and I are in it. I look unamused, but I promise I was happy. 😀

Like I mentioned earlier, I got quite a few free books! This isn’t everything, but they’re the main biggies that I managed to grab. I still can’t believe I got the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter audiobook for free. CRAYCRAY! I also got a couple tote bags and a tumbler that says “I Read YA” which I will proudly sip Arnold Palmers out of as I read YA novels this summer.

Since the line to wait to get into the The Fault in Our Stars panel was too crazy for me (like holy sh!t, so many teenyboppers — but I’m glad they’re all fangirling over something respectable like TFIOS instead of boybands like I did back in the late ’90s-‘oos), so we headed to Jason Segel’s panel where he talked about his upcoming children’s novel Nightmares which he co-wrote with Kirsten Miller. Luckily we got there before the line got too crowded! Listening to him talk, it’s clear that he’s a child at heart which just made me appreciate him more than ever. He talked about some of the crazy nightmares he had as a child — a witch that would eat his toes, and being chased by Dracula in his castle, and how one night he dreamt that he found a secret room in the castle that Dracula didn’t even know about and he just chilled there. And he said that he believes in magic and called Kermit the Frog the Tom Hanks of Muppets.

Oh, bless him. ♡

I didn’t get to take a picture with the infamous Grumpy Cat (that line was too hectic as well), so I had to suffice with this crazy ass taxidermy Fantastic Mr. Fox looking fellow.

Did any of you get to go to BookCon, or watch The Fault in Our Stars or are excited for Jason Segel’s book and the movie adaptation of This is Where I Leave You?


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Luck Be a Lady [Liberty]

Hey my little ponies, I just got back from New York!

I’m really excited to share my adventures with you all, but I’m super pooped (I had an in-flight delay which was the worst) and I’m on the verge of having a sugar crash because I just ate two cookies from Milk Bar that I brought home and a couple Raspberry M&Ms I picked up at the M&M store in Times Square instead of eating REAL food for breakfast/brunch . Ugh.

Sooo expect lots of fun posts this week because I have LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS to share! But if you follow me on Instagram, I think you pretty much got to experience a good chunk of my trip 😀