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Chicken Little

outfit details – chicken pullover + earrings: ModCloth (no longer available) // dress: Xhileration (buy here) // flower: Icing (buy similar here) // ring: gift from my aunt // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy similar here) // flats: Report // watch: Timex x Disney // purse: LeSportsac (buy similar here)

Ever since Sunday night I’ve shifted into full-on teenybopper mode thanks to *NSYNC’s brief but oh-so-magical reunion on the VMAs! I’ve been bumpin’ No Stings Attached in my car and watching old concert footage on YouTube, and even though my sister lives all the way in San Diego, we’ve been fangirling together via text. πŸ˜€Β I really wish they’d get back together for a reunion tour, but Justin Timberlake’s solo career seems to have gotten way too successful for anything like that to happen. *le sigh*Β I’ll just keep on wishing and hoping!

Anyhow, look at my uber cute chicken sweater! I saw it on ModCloth awhile ago and felt that I MUST have it because it’s stupid adorable and because I call Tim “Chickens” all the time. Also, there was only one more in stock and it happened to be my size — ’twas meant to be! And I know… you’re thinking, “Why the hell do you call your boyfriend Chickens? Weirdo.” It’s an odd nickname to bestow upon your beau, I realize that, but its origins come from when I used to have an Android phone and whenever I tried to swype “boyfriend” into a text message it would autocorrect to “chickens.” Tim’s been Chickens ever since. πŸ™‚

Do you have any silly nicknames for your significant other or best friend?


PS: Tomorrow’s the last day to enter to win a bag from my Back to School LeSportsac giveaway! Don’t forget to enter!

18 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. I call my daughter “boo boo”! I love that sweater – It would be perfect for a friend of mine. Too bad its sold out.


  2. My boyfriend and I call our son, Tinman. A quick explanation:His name is Justinian and at a doctor’s appointment, a nurse called him Justini, which we laughed at, but began calling him Tini. Then it morphed into Tinman because we both love The Wizard of Oz. ❀


  3. I call my boyfriend a multitude of things, some to annoy him, some to embarrass him (nicely), and one of pure nostalgia. My favorite, “Chasey-Poo” Most non-manly nickname I have for him started from a bad joke long time ago.


  4. Love your outfits!!!:-)
    I’m just starting a website with
    Photography! I was wandering if you could help me out! I want to do a few giveaways how did you go about getting the bags for the giveaways:)?


    1. Thankies, Hannah!! I was actually contacted by LeSportsac to review and host giveaways on my blog of some of their bags. They contacted me after they saw me style the purse pictured above in a different outfit post earlier this year and things went from there. πŸ™‚


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