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May the Fourth Be With You

outfit details – skirt: Xhileration // belt + cardigan: Merona // t-shirt: Super7 // Peter Pan collar necklace: MStyle // Stormtrooper bow: Abby’s BowTique (buy here) // Stormtrooper ring: it was on a cupcake! // shoes: Dirty Laundry // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here)


In the nerd world, May 4 is Star Wars Day as it plays a pun on the famous saying, “May the force be with you.” To celebrate Star Wars Day I wore this outfit to work — all clad in my Star Wars gear, complete with Stormtrooper hair bow and ring! It’s not exactly “business casual” (our dress code), but I got tons of compliments from some customers and co-workers! One of them said, “So all I need to do is wear a cardigan and I can wear my nerdy shirts to work too?” Somehow I managed to get away with wearing my Luna Lovegood shirt by Megan Lara a few days before, so yes. Cardigans + nerdy shirt + nice skirt (or whatever fancy bottoms) = work appropriate. Huzzah for loopholes!!!

May the Fourth be with all my fellow geeks and nerds on this joyous Β holiday. YUB YUB!!!

Also: Happy Free Comic Book Day and Happy Birthday to Audrey Hepburn πŸ˜€


PS: Here’s a fun little ditty to celebrate the day.


12 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You

    1. Thank you! It’s nice having this little nerd holiday, especially since it gives us all a better reason to be able to wear Star Wars related clothes and accessories to work!


    1. Thank you, Katherine!! I’m super jealous that you’re going to Star Wars weekend — I’m assuming you’re talking about the one that takes place in Disney World. I saw pictures of this chocolate and peanut butter Darth Vader cupcake they have and it looks SO EPIC!!!!! And yaaay for both being lovers of Star Wars! πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you, Margarita! Abby’s BowTique also has Disney hair bows. I came across her bows at a comic book convention in my hometown, but she does orders through her Facebook page. πŸ™‚


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