Geek of the Week at Chocolate & Cream Cake

‘ello again!I just wanted to make a quick little announcement to let you all know that I’m the “Geek of the Week” on Mandy’s blog Chocolate & Cream Cake! A few months ago I contributed to her “Fictional Fancies” series with my Prince Philip piece. If you’d like to learn more about me and read about my geeky antics and see who I listed as my style inspirations you can check it out here. And of course, be sure to check out the geeks that came before me on “Geek of the Week” and the rest of Mandy’s blog. Why? Because it’s AWESOME. Thanks again, Mandy!

Lemon Out,

5 thoughts on “Geek of the Week at Chocolate & Cream Cake

  1. Great interview! I feel like such a dork that I didn’t reblog my interview (or even have a link to it) when it happened. My mind has just been swimming in work-life lately. BTW, I love your background, so awesome!! 🙂


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