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Autumn Attire

I started this blog with the intention of documenting my cute ensembles, but it gets awfully tiring taking pictures of yourself! It also doesn’t help when you gain weight and all your cute clothes don’t fit the way they used to. *Wah wah wah* I’m working on that though! And I’ve been getting back into the swing of things clothes-wise too. I came up with this outfit for the Grizzly Bear show I attended on Tuesday.

Outfit details:

A few people complimented my outfit and told me my color palette was very fall-like. It wasn’t my intention when I threw it together, but I suppose the sudden change in weather inspired me. I thought I looked a bit more like a walking thrift store as some of my pieces remind of things that could be found in one — my bird shirt from H&M (I found it in the dude section!) looks like a page from a vintage encyclopedia, the pattern of my skirt has a retro vibe going on, and my jewelry from Grouse and Badger are made from upcycled bits like typewriters, watches, and old keys. I also found my Steve Madden boots at the American Cancer Society’s secondhand store. I’m not sure how old the Louis Vuitton bag is, but my mom has had it since I was kiddie (I think)!

My reed bracelet (pictured below, which I hijacked from my boyfriend) is from an organization called Invisible Children. They’re handmade in Uganda and 100% of the proceeds support “civilian protection and the rehabilitation of children abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army” in Africa. You can read more about their mission statement here. The bracelets come in different colors and each one represents a different child, and they also come with a DVD to see the kids’ story! I have yet to watch a DVD… perhaps I should ask my boyfriend if I can borrow one, as he basically bought a bracelet in every color.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Autumn Attire

  1. I’ve got a necklace that’s almost the same as your earrings, also made of a typewriter key (the ‘X’ :D). Nice outfit!! Love the jewellery!


  2. Just curious why you are posting on deathfatties…you are not even close. It is hurtful to REAL deathfatties for girls like you to co-opt the title so MORE people can look at your normative body.


    1. Aly,

      I posted my OOTDs on the Deathfatties Flickr group because I felt that I identified with the girls who are on there. I am 5’4 and am currently a size 14/16 and weigh 213 lbs. In medical terms, I’m obese. To many my body is considered “fat” ; the fashion industry would label me as “plus size.” It’s quite hurtful to be shunned from a community because I’m not skinny enough or whatever, but to be put down because I’m not FAT enough? That’s just mind boggling.


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