Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

October is just around the corner, and no… that doesn’t just mean an abundance of tasty pumpkin flavored treats and beautiful overcast days that call for scarves and layers upon layers of clothing, but it means that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has arrived!

Auntie Ashie & I, circa 2010. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago and has since kicked it to the curb.

This is something I find extremely important, not just because I’m obviously vulnerable to it (hello, big boobs!), but my Auntie Clemen, Auntie Ashie, and Auntie Reggie are all breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer is SCARY thing. It’s scary knowing that its taken the lives of many women, but it becomes an even more frightening thing when you know and love someone who is diagnosed with it. I want to take part and help out in any way I can to help put an end to it.

On October 21, I will participating in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Sacramento in honor of them, and also for all my the women in my family and lady friends. 🙂

My goal is to raise $450 to go the cause. So far I’ve made $175! If you have a dollar or two, please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal. It goes to a noble cause and I would appreciate it immensely! To donate, go here.

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