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Birthday Bowling Extravaganza!

Trying to think of fun things to do in Stockton is a bit of challenge, but for my birthday yesterday I figured bowling would be an exciting thing to do. I dominate in Wii bowling (no, really. Ask Tim. I’ve kicked his ass plenty of times <3), but I SUCK at real bowling. I used to be on a league in 3rd and 4th grade — I had my own bowling shoes, ball, and other random bowling accessories to boot, but y’know… that was a really, really, really, long time ago. x___x

Shanice, her boyfriend Nick, Marcos, Jennifer, Tim, and I played a couple of games. And apparently this was Jen’s first time bowling! I bowled a really sad 71 in the first game, but made up for it by getting 96 during the second round (and a strike!). But both scores are fairly miserable as I just found one of my old bowling trophies that awarded me with “Highest Score” of 128. Oi.

Oh well. I had fun anyway. 🙂

So here are a few pictures from my bowling excursion…

Next up: my birthday swag loot. I actually got a couple of things off my list!!!

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