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O Captain! My Captain [Von Trapp]!

Last night I came across the True Birds website and saw that they have a functional bosun whistle necklace, just like the one Captain Von Trapp uses in The Sound of Music — which happens to be one of my most favorite films of all time! I’ve always wanted a whistle like the one the Captain had, and I pretty much stared at it for an hour and wondered how I could bring it up to my mother since she’s been asking me what I want for Christmas. But there’s no need for that anymore. I went to the flea market this morning and friggin found a bosun whistle for $2!!! It’s fate, I tell you! FATE! It’s a bit bigger than True Bird’s, but hey, it was two bucks. I couldn’t pass it up. 😀

I’m not too crazy about the gold chain it came with, so I plan I heading to the craft store to find a brassy chain to replace it with. Other than that, I’m all kinds of happy about this flea market find!!! Flea markets are always exciting because you never know what you’re gonna find.

Now I have to find a Sound of Music-y outfit to wear this necklace with!

3 thoughts on “O Captain! My Captain [Von Trapp]!

  1. HI!
    We are doing the SOM for a church production and wonder if you loan or rent the whistle to trustworthy people? We will pay shipping both ways! Please contact Deb; at the email below. Thank you!


    1. I’m sorry, I’m afraid I saw this comment a bit too late. I hope that you were able to find a bosun whistle for your production of SOM and I wish you the very best of luck with it! Also, there’s no email address for me to contact Deb on here. :/


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