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While looking at some of the shops around Cannery Row, I stumbled upon a Himalayan store that sold wool knitted novelty hats. Amongst the menagerie of wooly wearable animals was a unicorn! I tried it on for fun, but grew more and more attached to it. My love for unicorns never went away, nor do I think it ever will. Naturally, I bought it. 🙂

I showed everyone when I got home! I think my parents were fairly amused by my purchase (I think they’re used to me buying random things that a 25-year-old wouldn’t normally buy), but my dad said that it looked more like a hippo with a horn than a horse, thus the hat has been dubbed as the “hippocorn.”

Whether it looks like a hippocorn or unicorn is all in the eye of the beholder, but either way it’s still a freakin’ rad hat.

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