My Cupcake Adventure

While I was on vacation, my friend Jen sent me a link to a shop called Cupcake Craving in Davis, CA, a town about 45 minutes away from where I live. She called me a few times when I got back to see if I wanted to go check it out, but I was swamped with family stuff. But earlier today when I was about to go for a swim in my backyard, she called to see if I was up for a cupcake adventure. I didn’t really have any plans besides cleaning and posting things on eBay, so I said I’d go. Plus I would’ve felt bad if I said “no” again!

So, why would we travel so far away for cupcakes, you may be wondering? Well, they’re gourmet cupcakes, so why not? Jen seemed really keen on checking this place out, and I am not one to refuse a cupcake quest invitation (I only delay them by being busy with other things).

I was pretty overwhelmed with the selection they had. And they also had ice cream and milkshakes! But I stuck with my original plan: buy 2 cupcakes — a fruity one and a chocolatey one. I settled on the Strawberry Dream and Monkey Mania (pictured in the back row in the photo below), and I bought my mom Red Velvet and Dulce Deleche because I’m awesome like that. 🙂

Monkey Mania was pretty effing tasty — it’s banana cake with caramel filling and cream cheese frosting, topped with a chocolate monkey. :Drool:

The Strawberry dream was ridiculously pink. Like, 80s Barbie neon pink. It was quite yummy though. 😀

There are some other flavors that I’d like to try, but Tim told me I need to check out another cupcake place in Davis called Let Them Eat Cake. AH! Too many places to go. I told Jen we should also go to Teacake Bake Shop in Emeryville after our shift at SPD next week. Not only do they have delicious cupcakes, but cookies as well. I suggest the Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut cookie. SO GOOD.

I really need to watch it though. I’ve lost a lot of weight this year, and at the rate I’ve been going at with Disneyland and my grandpa’s party, I’ve been eating sweets nonstop. My body is in a bit of shock — it’s like, “WTF are you doing to me?! What is this crap?”

Sorry, body! Perhaps I should get some fruit tomorrow… or just eat more chocolate covered raisins.

outfit details:

  • jacket: Ashely
  • dress: Forever 21
  • sunglasses: Coach
  • head scarf: thirfted
  • bunny brooch: estate sale
  • shoes: Zoe&Zac (Payless Shoe Source)

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