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Think Pink

It’s official: I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!! Tim booked the hotel last night and I just got my 4-day Park Hopper Pass. Weeee! This trip kinda came out of nowhere, but I’m glad it’s happening. My Disney cruise vacation didn’t go through, and my grandpa was supposed to fund that as my graduation present, and then Tim randomly texted me two weeks ago asking if I’d want to go to Disneyland with him, Alise, and her little brother at the end of June, to which I said, “F*CK YEAH, I WANNA GO.” So there’s my graduation present from my grandpa. 😀

I’m leaving this Sunday, so I’ve been looking through my closet to see what I can bring with me. When I went last year I wore a lot of dresses and cardigans (cardigans in SoCal during the summer? I’m not crazy, I just like to avoid getting heat rash!). I looked at the outfit that is pictured above, but then I figured it’d get dirty pretty fast, so I just wore it to work today.

I had some difficulty taking pictures of today’s outfit since it was hella sunny outside — the light kept making me look like big white blob. Therefore, only a halfsie pic for this post. The white lace dress I’m wearing is the same one I wore for my graduation (which can be seen here).

Last night, Jen and I passed through Forever 21 so I could return something I bought last week at Old Navy, and she found this really adorable humanoid bunny necklace. She bought it for me as a graduation present! I love how it’s odd and cute at the same time. Also, I named her Luella… I don’t know why. She just looks like a Luella to me.

Tomorrow I have a bit more work to do for my boss (telecommuting is kind of an odd job), and then I’m going to hang out with my lovely Chocolate Bear, Shanice. Yay!

outfit details:

  • dress: Be Bop
  • cardigan/bunny necklace: Forever 21
  • hair clip/bunny ring: H&M
  • earrings: Target
  • gold ring: from my grandma

6 thoughts on “Think Pink

  1. Love your outfit! Very chic & sweet! 😀
    Ahh … Disneyland! Lucky You! Me and the girls wanna go, too ! ! !
    BTW – the bunny accessories, are so cool!


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