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Sloppy Joe

My motto is, “If I feel like shit, it doesn’t mean I have to look like it.”

I woke up around 5 am this morning, but couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed until 8, which left me with an hour and a half to get ready for work. I ended up wasting time eating my bowl of Cheerios and watching a bit of a celebrity reality show I’d rather not admit to viewing. So after all that I was left with 45 minutes to get ready. AHH! Even after breakfast, I was still feeling pretty sluggish, so when it came to getting dressed I was a bit lazy. Somehow I managed to whip this look together in time to not be late for work. My boss even complimented my outfit! I really didn’t feel like putting any effort into my hair or make-up, hence sloppy high ponytail and glasses. But ya know what? I don’t think I look too shabby.

Work didn’t really wake me up as it seemed to go by at a glacial pace, but I did get a lot stuff done AND I got paid, AND The Voice is on tonight, so YAAAAAAAY!!!! Does anyone else watch The Voice? I like it a lot better than American Idol, the quality of talent is more impressive. Plus I’ve been a Meg & Dia fan for quite awhile so I’m obviously rooting for Dia (who effing ROCKED last week). And it helps that Adam Levine is a coach. :Swoon:

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. ❤

outfit details:

  • glasses: Tilly’s
  • necklace: estate sale
  • dress/vest: H&M
  • belt: Target
  • shoes [not shown]: Avenue

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