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I am not ashamed to admit that I still play dress-up, and I’m 110% sure that there are tons of ladies out there that still do. And by dress-up, I don’t mean I do cosplay (although I do own a Wonder Woman costume), I mean I rifle through my closet and try on different things to see what items go together and what doesn’t. I did this a lot with my Barbies as a kid… and my Blythe dolls as a twenty-something. I think putting outfits together is an art form. Sounds silly, but have you seen the people featured on The Satorialist? Walking, breathing, art, I tell you!

My friend Chelsea asked me to help her go shopping and I was more than happy to pick out dresses upon dresses for her! Last Friday we scoured the racks at Macy*s and Crossroads. Macy*s was a bit of a bust, but I talked her into trying on some white dresses, and even though I originally picked this white lace BeBop dress for her, I had to try it on too!

Not the best example of what the dress looks like since I’m wearing a maroon jacket over it (damn thing was so cute and on sale, but my arms were too fat for it! :(). At Crossroads, Chelsea found some cute nautical things like a seahorse necklace and white & red peep toes. I found a navy purse with seashell charms on it to match both items. Chelsea actually found lots of cute stuff which I didn’t get to take pictures of. Rugh! But, I will be going over to her house sometime to raid her closet and find all sorts of outfits for her. I’m so excited! The last time I did anything like that was when my cousin Nicole was 13 and we took her to Limited Too and my sister and I picked out all sorts of outfits for her to try on. It’s like dressing up Barbie, but for reals!

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