Pomp & Circumstance

I suppose you can say that I officially graduated back  in January since that’s when I got my diploma, but it feels super legit now that I’ve done whole shebang by donning a cap and gown! I’ve been dreading the whole gown thing since I thought it made me look like a bloated eggplant, but once I added the Filipino stole and lei, it didn’t look that bad. When it comes to graduation garb, ACCESSORIZE. Tons of people personalized their caps (some cute, some not-so-cute). I would have, but I didn’t want to f*ck up my cap. What if I messed up? I didn’t want to worry about that! Despite the fact that the polyester fabric of the gown left me baking under the sun (San Francisco was abnormally hot yesterday!), I had a good time since I was able to hang out with some of my old chums from the Creative Writing department.

If you’ve already graduated, congratulations! If not, I have a few tips for you:

  • If it’s an outdoor ceremony, wear sunglasses — you can always take them off before you hit the stage and get bombarded by professional photographers
  • Slather that SPF 30 on your pretty little face
  • Bring a little purse to hold chapstick/lipstick, a compact mirror, camera, and cellphone
  • Hydrate! I forgot my water bottle in the car and was DYING
  • Go a size bigger in caps if you want to avoid hat hair (just use lots of bobby pins to keep it in place)

This weekend has left me completely exhausted. X____x

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