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The Bee-In

Last night SPD held their 5th annual Bee-In, an old-fashioned spelling bee competition which featured popular writers from San Francisco. I’ll be honest: none of their names looked familiar to me. I know, I know. I’m horrible! But y’know what? This just gives me more writers to look into. It’s a win-win for me!

Anywho, knowing about the Bee-In 4 months in advance, I picked my outfit a month ago. Yes, I’m totally serious. I was so excited! But Mother Nature decided she wanted to get all emo and rain on us, and my hair didn’t want to cooperate, so I had to figure out something else, and fast! After 5 dress changes (I kept putting on all black or black and grey — yawn), I settled on the ensemble pictured above. Don’t mind my herp derp face. o__O

The event itself turned out to be a great success! Tons of people showed up to support SPD. Before the actual spelling bee, a silent auction was held. I bid on a couple of tickets to the Cutting Ball Theater, but was outbid. I’m not too bummed about it since I got to stuff my face with delicious macaroons from La Boulounge all night. There were some other awesome auctions too, like tickets to various theaters (Berkeley Rep, American Conservatory Theater, SF Symphony, etc), different wines, a 2-hour photo session with photographer David M. Allen, and the pièce de résistance: a 2-night stay at the Standard in Los Angeles with 2 tickets to the LA County Museum of Art. The spelling bee lasted for quite awhile as Kevin Killan and Sylvia Brownrigg (who have both been crowned King/Queen Bee in past Bee-Ins) showed off their immaculate grammar skills one word right after the other. Around 9ish, a tie was declared. So this year’s bee had a king and a queen. 🙂

outfit details:

  • cardigan/belt: Target
  • shirt: Forever 21 (design by Fifi Lapin)
  • skirt/beret: H&M (got it for $5, woot!)
  • shoes: Charles Albert

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