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Jellicle what?

Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect them to.

Here are two things that went awry yesterday:

  1. I saw Cats for the first time and was pretty disappointed.
  2. My ensemble of the day looked cute in the mirror, but I ended up looking like a hot mess anyway.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Cats — it had an 18-year run on Broadway, a 21-year run in London’s West End, and won the 1982 Tony for Best New Musical. And when I was in the fifth grade, this girl in my class got to go to New York for spring break and came back to school wearing a Cats shirt. She couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing the show was, and since I already liked “Memories” I figured I’d probably like Cats as a whole too. But after watching it last night, I’m just wondering what the big effing deal is. Why does everyone love this musical so damn much??? I WANT TO KNOW! Unlike other shows I’ve seen, Cats doesn’t have any dialog — it’s all singing and dancing, and that left me feeling horribly confused throughout the whole show because I had no idea what was going on plot-wise. I still don’t know what the hell a “Jellicle Cat” is even though they had a song that explained it. AH! I’m wondering if I would’ve enjoyed it better if I Wikapedia’d the synopsis before I watched it…? Eh. I don’t know. I guess my expectations were just really high. Even though I didn’t enjoy it that much, I don’t want to discredit the cast. They all sang and cut a rug very well. I’d also like to point out that the actors looked like effeminate Thundercats. Sorry if that sounds offensive, but I don’t know how else to put it. One of the them looked just like Tygra, I kid you not! During the scene with the pirates, I was thinking, “Please say, ‘THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOO. Please!'” Of course it didn’t happen. :/

I don’t know where my outfit went wrong. I thought I looked cute when I looked in the mirror, but then I asked my mom to take a picture of me for this blog, and the outcome was ghastly! I’m just going to blame my hair. I was too lazy to do the blow dry and straighten/curl hair thing, plus I have recently discovered that my hair is super wavy when I let it air dry without brushing it. But it got a bit funky, so I put it up in order to tame it. Ugh.

We all have our down days — yesterday was one of mine. But I have hope for tomorrow for there will be a new episode of Doctor Who!

outfit details:

  • jacket: Mossimo (Target)
  • dress: Tucker for Target
  • purse: M. Rossetti
  • sunglasses: coach

3 thoughts on “Jellicle what?

  1. Ok, so I’ve been kicking myself for not buying tickets to see Cats (SHN is even having a promo for $30 Mezz. seats)! But, you just made all of my stress/regret go away… I would be so confused without dialog!


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