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“I’ve evolved… I’m like a Pokemon.”

Out of all the dresses I own (the last time I counted I had over 20 — YIKES!), this is the one I wear the most. You could say it’s my Charlie Brown piece since I seem to wear it a lot.  It’s from Tucker’s line for Target which came out last fall. Definitely the best impulse purchase I have ever made! I used to disdain anything über girly; I mean I always loved fashion and ripped out pages from In Style and Vogue, but I never thought I could pull off cute dresses and such because of my size. I did have a skirt phase in high school, but quickly went back to wearing jeans, blazers, and accessorizing with costume jewelry and scarves. Overtime, I watched a lot of Sex & The City and  Pushing Daisies. I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. I wanted to be Chuck. I wanted to start wearing clothes that made me feel pretty! Two years ago I bought a black & white dress with horizontal stripes at Target (love me some Target) for Megan’s wedding and my jeans have been collecting dust ever since.

I got to hang out with my bestest friend Shanice today and did what we do best: shop. I haven’t seen her since January, which is just ridiculous, so I’m overly happy that I was able to spend the day with her. And I managed to find a nice pair of faux glasses! My faux and fo’real glasses have been M.I.A. since February, and my face has been feeling naked ever since.

Anywho, she complimented my outfit and I said, “I didn’t dress like this when we first met [3 years ago]. I’ve evolved… I’m like a Pokemon.” Thinking about that statement now, I realize that a lot of Pokemon start off really cute, but then get hella fug after they evolve. Take Squirtle for example — at first he’s an adorable turtle/squirrel hybrid, but then he becomes Wartortle, still a hybrid but more mischievous looking in a non-cute way. And after that, he turns into Blastoise. That fucker has cannons built into his shell. That is not natural! But neither are turtle/squirrel creatures, but I digress. Vulpix, the precious looking fox with multiple tales, is the only Pokemon that actually turns into something decent; Ninetails is a big white fox with, uh… 9 tails. But it doesn’t look all fierce in a nasty way, oh no. Ninetails is FIERCE. Now that’s the way to evolve. Someone once asked me if I was a Pokemon trainer who would I want as my Pickachu? I said Vulpix because it’s adorable and would totally go with all my outfits.

Whoa… did I seriously just dedicate a paragraph to Pokemon?

Oh my God, I did. x___X

On that note, I bid you adieu!

outfit details:

cardigan: Old Navy
dress: Tucker for Target
flower: Goody
necklace: thrifted
belt: Target
boots: Charles Albert

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