‘Ello there…

The names Nina and this here blog is my brand new spot on the interweb.

I actually started a blog called Fancy Beast back in January with the intent of it being a fashion blog, but I was getting bored with Blogger’s format and wasn’t too crazy about the way it was turning out, so I’ve jumped ship to WordPress with Le Fancy Geek!

I’m more so geeky than I am beastly (at least I think so… o,0), hence the switch in names as well.

Le Fancy Geek will also be a fashion blog, but I’m not going to limit it to just [crappy] pictures of me in OOTDs (that’s Outfit of the Day for you lovely newbs). Is this blog going to be a bit narcissistic? Possibly. Probably. But I’ve been told I’m a snazzy dresser and a big ‘ol geek, so hopefully whoever finds themselves here will have a grand ‘ol time.



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