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Come along, Pond.

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Truth be told, I rarely look at fashion magazines anymore. I turn to the telly (or rather my laptop) for fashion inspiration nowadays.

Doctor Who is this British Sci-fi show that’s been running on the BBC for over 40 years, and I’m completely obsessed with it. It’s starting to gain a lot more attention in the US now, which is cool, but I wasn’t too thrilled to find Doctor Who shirts at Hot Topic. Is nothing sacred anymore?! Anyway, 11 actors have played the role of the Doctor, and last year we were introduced to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, the new Doctor and his companion [sidekick] Amy Pond. When I first saw promo pictures with the two of them, I thought, “Damn, they are SNAZZY.” I mean, look at them!

Last week, in honor of the series 6 premiere of Doctor Who, I decided to wear my most Pondiest outfit.

* adaptation *

It’s fun wearing stuff like this, it’s like secretly cosplaying.

outfit details:

  • jacket: Espirit
  • shirt: H&M (got it in the dudes section)
  • skirt: Old Navy
  • shoes: Charles Albert
  • Sonic Screwdriver: belongs to my friend Tim
geek style

“I’ve evolved… I’m like a Pokemon.”

Out of all the dresses I own (the last time I counted I had over 20 — YIKES!), this is the one I wear the most. You could say it’s my Charlie Brown piece since I seem to wear it a lot.  It’s from Tucker’s line for Target which came out last fall. Definitely the best impulse purchase I have ever made! I used to disdain anything über girly; I mean I always loved fashion and ripped out pages from In Style and Vogue, but I never thought I could pull off cute dresses and such because of my size. I did have a skirt phase in high school, but quickly went back to wearing jeans, blazers, and accessorizing with costume jewelry and scarves. Overtime, I watched a lot of Sex & The City and  Pushing Daisies. I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. I wanted to be Chuck. I wanted to start wearing clothes that made me feel pretty! Two years ago I bought a black & white dress with horizontal stripes at Target (love me some Target) for Megan’s wedding and my jeans have been collecting dust ever since.

I got to hang out with my bestest friend Shanice today and did what we do best: shop. I haven’t seen her since January, which is just ridiculous, so I’m overly happy that I was able to spend the day with her. And I managed to find a nice pair of faux glasses! My faux and fo’real glasses have been M.I.A. since February, and my face has been feeling naked ever since.

Anywho, she complimented my outfit and I said, “I didn’t dress like this when we first met [3 years ago]. I’ve evolved… I’m like a Pokemon.” Thinking about that statement now, I realize that a lot of Pokemon start off really cute, but then get hella fug after they evolve. Take Squirtle for example — at first he’s an adorable turtle/squirrel hybrid, but then he becomes Wartortle, still a hybrid but more mischievous looking in a non-cute way. And after that, he turns into Blastoise. That fucker has cannons built into his shell. That is not natural! But neither are turtle/squirrel creatures, but I digress. Vulpix, the precious looking fox with multiple tales, is the only Pokemon that actually turns into something decent; Ninetails is a big white fox with, uh… 9 tails. But it doesn’t look all fierce in a nasty way, oh no. Ninetails is FIERCE. Now that’s the way to evolve. Someone once asked me if I was a Pokemon trainer who would I want as my Pickachu? I said Vulpix because it’s adorable and would totally go with all my outfits.

Whoa… did I seriously just dedicate a paragraph to Pokemon?

Oh my God, I did. x___X

On that note, I bid you adieu!

outfit details:

cardigan: Old Navy
dress: Tucker for Target
flower: Goody
necklace: thrifted
belt: Target
boots: Charles Albert


Unicorns aren’t just for little girls

I used to be really good at picking out blind box toys — I’ve gotten quite a few chase figures and even the ones in a set that I wanted most. And the fun thing about blind box toys is that you don’t know what you’re going to get — it’s a surprise! But I’ve kind of outgrown the whole vinyl toy thing as most of it becomes clutter. However, Tokidoki just came out with the Unicornos line and I love Unicorns. A lot.

But out of the 10 Unicorns in the line, I only liked 3 of them, so that whole it’s-fun-’cause-you-don’t-know-what-you’re-going-to-get thing isn’t relevant when you know you don’t like everything. Blugh.

When I went to Double Punch the other day, I saw Dolce, the little donut Unicorn, in a display case and asked if I could just purchase that one to spare myself from possibly getting the hideous reggae pony. But that wasn’t enough. As I watched my friend open hers, I felt a tinge of jealousy. I missed the element of surprise. I spent a few minutes picking up boxes, shaking them, feeling them out (ew, that sounds so wrong), and whatnot. Luckily I ended up with one of the other ones I wanted — Metallo, the robot Unicorn!

I guess I haven’t lost my magic touch after all.


‘Ello there…

The names Nina and this here blog is my brand new spot on the interweb.

I actually started a blog called Fancy Beast back in January with the intent of it being a fashion blog, but I was getting bored with Blogger’s format and wasn’t too crazy about the way it was turning out, so I’ve jumped ship to WordPress with Le Fancy Geek!

I’m more so geeky than I am beastly (at least I think so… o,0), hence the switch in names as well.

Le Fancy Geek will also be a fashion blog, but I’m not going to limit it to just [crappy] pictures of me in OOTDs (that’s Outfit of the Day for you lovely newbs). Is this blog going to be a bit narcissistic? Possibly. Probably. But I’ve been told I’m a snazzy dresser and a big ‘ol geek, so hopefully whoever finds themselves here will have a grand ‘ol time.