Walkin’ in a Wampa Wonderland

I think it’s so cute whenever families put out personalized holiday greeting cards with a nice family photo on them during this time of the year. My family’s never really put them out — not that we never wanted to, I think we’re just lazy. Mother, if you’re reading this, sorry I’m not sorry! You know it’s true. 😛

Even though I’m a perpetually single dog mother, I don’t see why my relationship status should hinder me from putting out one of my own. So this year, after wanting to ever since Rory came into my life 4 years ago, I FINALLY made a holiday greeting card to send out to friends and family with just me and Rory!

But, as you know, I’m a fancy geek, so I couldn’t just make it a “traditional” card with the Christmas tree and usual red & green color scheme. Nuh-uh, honey. As soon as I realized Rory’s not an albino ewok, but a mini wampa, I immediately searched for doggy wampa costumes and once I found one, I knew that the theme of my very first single-dog-mama holiday card would be “Happy HOTHiday!” Next year we’re probably gonna roll with “Merry Sithmas,” since we have matching Vader sweaters, but who knows? I might want to go with another fandom theme next year. But “Merry Sithmas” is obviously in the lead.

I’m going to be sending out my cards tomorrow, and I don’t want to share what they look like quite yet, but I’m really excited about them! So I thought I’d share a couple of pictures from the informal photo shoot my mom did for me and Rory. 🙂

Chewbacca sweater: Her Universe (buy here)
AT-AT dress: Utinni Bikini (buy here)

vest: Xhileration | glasses: Firmoo (buy similar here)
necklace: random boutique find in NYC | hair flower: Icing
Wampa dog costume: Star Wars (buy here)


photos by Carmel Hernandez a.k.a. my Inay

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6 Responses to Walkin’ in a Wampa Wonderland

  1. Kristin

    Awww you and Rory look so cute! I love seeing the Christmas cards my online friends put together and I can’t wait until you reveal yours!

  2. gamerwife

    Ah! Rory is an amazing Wompa! You guys are TOO cute. And Sith-mas should definitely be a thing next year.

  3. Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    You two are adorable and I love Wampa Rory 🙂 a friend of mine did Xmas cards with her pup this year as well.

  4. Oh my goodness! These pictures are too cute for words. I’ve thought about taking a family photo of me and my cats, but sadly the little critters have never been cooperative. I also like the idea of creating a pin-up style holiday card to send out to my mates. Well done for taking the plunge and actually doing it!

  5. nerdburger

    SOOOOOO CUTE!! Just like a little Wampa. (But a lot nicer)

  6. melificentmom

    you are entirely too cute!!!!!!


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