The Funday Post


Marvel is going to have an all female Avengers team called A-Force! Step up with your lady characters, DC.

Which Broad City Character Are You? quiz. I got Abbi, my fave!

♥ The Dating Divas created some super geeky Valentine’s Day cards! They’re “man approved” but I don’t see why you can’t give some of them to your girlfriends.

♥ Zach Braff and Telly explain “anxious” on Sesame Street!

Amanda Jean talks about Bambi and shows how to make a super cute felt flower headband.

♥ All the festivities happening for Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration look sooo magically amazing!

37 books every creative person should read. So far I own two of them. 🙂


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  • Oooo, so glad you posted about the girl Avenger team! I’ll for a group of kick 0ass ladies. I want an online girl gang, in fact!

  • I LOVE that Marvel are going to have an all female team. I so hope it works, i’m excited to see where they go with it. x