The Funday Post

The Funday Post is back! Let’s get this smorgasbord of links started, shall we?

This woman took her dying pooch on a grand adventure (WARNING: Get tissues before reading)

Actual text messages from an unbearable mother will make you appreciate yours

♥ I can’t get over Sir Ian McKellen teaching Cookie Monster about the word “resist”

23 inspirational quotes from Maurice Sendak

11 quotes on writing from Neil Gaiman

♥ Abbi from Broad City dancing to “Edge of Glory” nekkid is the best!

Adorable moments with Winnie the Pooh

What are your favorite internet finds?


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  • I loved this post! Ian McKellen is such a legend :’D That dog story was too cute too, so many feels! <3

    • Thank you! I think I’ve watched that Ian McKellen clip well over 10x since it came out last month 😀