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It’s been exactly one month since Papang passed away. I still find the physical lack of his presence in the house quite bizarre, but I’m getting on better than I thought I would. Of course I’m still sad though. I really miss passing by the family room and seeing him look all cozy in his recliner while Monday Night Raw, a classic movie, or the Filipino channel blares from his TV’s speakers (so much that the sound disrupts the TV in the living room) — like the picture above illustrates. I think I took this PhotoBooth picture a couple years ago and purposely set it up so he was in the background. I completely forgot about it until I randomly looked through my archives a few days ago.

Anyhow, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, my awesome readers, for being very supportive of me during this really hard time. I know I haven’t responded to any of the kind comments you left on this post and that post, but I did read them and I appreciate everyones sweet words <3



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  • Much love, girl. Sending tons of Monday Night RAW vibes. Xo!!!

    Your DSS.