Once Upon a Bauble…

Hey my little ponies! I’ve been absent from le blog for a bit because…

  1. Both of my jobs are keeping me busy. Way too busy, in my opinion. But hey, mama needs $$$
  2. Number 1 has kept me away from doing outfit shoots. 🙁
  3. In my spare time I’ve been working on new necklaces for my Etsy store, which has been rebranded as Le Fancy Geek Boutique! 🙂

For those that follow me on Instagram, you already knew about #3 as I’ve been posting photos of my latest creations every so often. I’m really excited with the way they’re turning out! I promise they don’t look all blurry like they do in the picture above though. I still need to tweak with the other designs I came up with. My 11th Doctor and Rory images printed out too dark and the Stormtrooper’s head needs to be reduced in size since the glass magnifies the image a bit. <— that sounds like gibberish. o,0

And there are still some other non-bezel pieces that I need to work on before I open up shop again. I have some little Lego looking Doctor Who toys that I’m going to be making necklaces out of just in time for the 50th anniversary!

Do you see any of your favorite characters in there?


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  • zyzzyva

    OMG Ned!!

  • super cuute :>
    just posted a new outfit on my blog,check it out:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3530

  • I loved these when I saw your post on Instagram. These are so f*cking baller! 😀 <3

    – Anna

  • Love the ackbar necklace. So rad.

  • Oh, these are so cute. I can’t wait for your store to be up and running! I think the Ackbar one is my all-time favourite.