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poketo recycled suit purse

[courtesy of Poketo]

I think it’s really awesome how Poketo has grown as a company. I remember about 6 years ago I bought a tee by them from Karmaloop that had a couple of pink fawns on it, which was designed by Jeana Sohn. I’d always see them at Comic Con too — they went from screen printed tees and wallets, to totes and housewares, and they even had a special line at Target last year!

Anyway, I browsed their site a few days ago and found these super amazing totes made out of upcycled mens blazers and collared shirts. Each tote is one-of-a-kind, and pretty damn pricey ($250!). But the craftsmanship is impeccable. My mom told me I could probably make my own, and then Janine, my internet BFF, saw me post it on my Tumblr and said it needed a bow tie a la Doctor Who, and then I got a brilliant idea! What if I made one that resembled the 11th Doctor’s outfit? I haven’t touched a sewing machine in a long time, but I think it would be a cool project to do one day.

[courtesy of BBC]

As far as outfits go, I think the 11th Doctor is pretty damn swanky.

And I’d apologize for talking about Doctor Who in almost every post, but I’m really not sorry at all. I love the Doctor, forever and ever amen.

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  • Janine

    Now I’m internet famous! 😀 I just realized that I’ve never commented on here, but I’m reading your blog =)

    • Woop! Thank you, Janine. 😀

  • You can never talk about Doctor Who too much. Ok, maybe, but you haven’t crossed that line yet! 😉
    (ps – I think that bag would look hot with a bow tie. :D)

    • It’s so hard NOT to talk about Doctor Who, y’know? Bow ties make everything hot (or cool). Hehe 😉

      • Now you need to think of a cool project to make out of a fez. Because fez’s are cool too.

  • Shanice W.

    You are awesome mb, I just love your style and ideas, and I’m so responsible for this obsession you have with the Doctor, muh ha ha ha. Loves You.

    • Thank you, CB! I loves you too. <3