Level Up by Loot Crate February Review & Giveaway!

{GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED} winners have been contacted. thanks to all who entered!

Holy sh!t biscuits, y’all! Level Up totally killed it with the loot that came in their February fashion subscriptions, which is funny considering that the theme of the month was “Dead.” Haha! #PunsForDays

But seriously, there was so much cool stuff! I was particularly stoked for the women’s Wearable subscription item because I knew Her Universe was designing something with Deadpool and tacos. And you guuuys, the top they came out with is the cutest thing EVER!!!!


Here’s a breakdown of what every subscription came with:

♥ Female Fashion Accessories: Blood Splatter nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics and a The Walking Dead cherokee rose necklace by Bioworld.

♥ T-Shirt: black and white Silence of the Lambs tee.

♥ Socks: Deadpool and glow-in-the-dark Death Eaters (Harry Potter) socks.

FYI: There are 2 combo subscriptions you can subscribe to – one is the wearable item + socks, and the other is the fashion accessories + t-shirt

To subscribe to one of the many Level Up subscriptions, please go here and use code “LEFANCYGEEK” to save 10%! March’s theme is “Versus” and includes items from Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs. Superman!

Keep on reading to get to the giveaway portion!


I was really excited about the Esiponage Cosmetics nails wraps that came with the Female Fashion Accessories sub. It has a blood splatter design that reminded me of Dexter. And they glow in the mother effin’ dark! That was a total surprise to me as my nails glowed while I watched Zootopia at the theater on Monday. It does say they’re glow-in-the-dark on the package, but I was too excited to put them on my nails to bother reading anything else on it. I put the nail wraps on about a week and a half ago and they’re still on! If you ever get any nail wraps from Espionage, I highly recommend putting a top coat over to help make it last longer.

Even though I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs or watched Hannibal because scary movies and TV shows aren’t my thing, I really love the shirt and its design is pretty inconspicuous to the unknowing. Except when I wore it to work one day, my co-worker was like, “Oh my God, it’s the death moth!” and I’m like, “the what-what?” * shoulder shrug * And… I don’t watch The Walking Dead either (I tried! it was too stressful!), but I’m loving how simplistic the cherokee rose necklace is. When you open the pendant, there’s a mirror on the inside, and on the back it’s inscribed with a quote that says “This rose started to grow right where the mother’s tears fell.”  Even though I’m not part of the fandom, I am sooooo happy for all you Richonne shippers!!! 


Overall, I was super happy with all the items that came with every subscription. But the Deadpool shirt by Her Universe, you guys. You guuuuuys. IT IS GIVING ME SO MUCH LIFE. And the nail wraps go with it perfectly!


Okay, enough jabbering, let’s get onto the important part of the post: THE GIVEAWAY!

Level Up sent me an extra package full of goodies from all of the subscription services they have to offer and one of you lucky ponies can win it! FYI, both the wearable item and t-shirt come in my size (2x) so if you’ve got big booby-8s like me or are willing to tailor the tees, enter away!

Also, five of you will be get a code to get a free subscription for March’s Level Up Female Accessories subscription! This month’s accessory will feature Batman, Superman, and a special guest… I’m assuming it’s Wonder Woman. Who else could it be?!

The giveaway starts today (March 9) and ends next Tuesday, March 16. Winners will be chosen and contacted the morning of the 17th.

Code winners, please make sure you use the code by the 19th because that’s the last day to subscribe to all subscriptions from Loot Crate.

These giveaways are open to US residents only. Sorry to all my international ponies.


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Don’t forget: the more options you enter with, the more entries you’ll get to better your chances of scoring a prize!! Good luck!! 😀

cheers le fancy geek fashion blogger


FTC Disclosure: Loot Crate sent me these items to review. Along with the items, I earn a small compensation when purchases are made through my affiliate link. All opinions given are honest and my own.

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  • Celina

    A tote bag with Batman and Superman on it would be fantastic! ?

  • I actually have the Death’s Head moth tattooed on my shoulder, I love the Hannibal fandom so much. (Cool? I am not cool.) That shirt rocks.

    In a DC vein… am I the only one that’s okay with Ben Affleck being Batman?

  • The top is SOOOO COOL! I love how you styled it!

  • Kayley

    I agree with Celina that a tote bag could be cool. Maybe something athletic/practical versus purely decorative?

  • B

    I am in LOVE with the Deadpool shirt! And I love Silence of the Lambs, so I need that too. LOL

  • Oh man… honestly any type of socks will do it for me. Like I am a nut for socks already, but themed socks?!?! Forget about it!

  • Jenn R

    That Deadpool shirt is absolutely adorable!! I would love to see some Wondy accessories in the BvS box, maybe a silver cuff or socks.

  • Mia

    That shirt is AMAZING! I’d love to see geeky metallic temporary tattoos… 😀

  • Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    I love the Deadpool shirt so much – would love to see anything with Wonder Woman in the March box 🙂

  • That Deadpool shirt is amazing! It would be very cool if the March subscription came with a cool Batman-related item. I do love Batman.

  • That Silence of the Lambs shirt is so pretty!!

  • I would love some geeky nail wraps. A design of Captain America’s shield would be pretty cool. And I love that Silence of the Lambs shirt! I’ve watched that movie so many times. Death’s Head Hawks Moths are also a really pretty species.

  • That Deadpool shirt is everything! When I saw that, I was very envious of everyone who lvled up 🙂

    Is it wrong to say undies for an accessory? Like I think undies make an outfit just as much as a necklace lol. Which would be the other accessory I would hope for, a necklace……or a ring. I’m trying to add more of both to my wardrobe.

  • April

    I hope the march box could incorporate a batman/superman necklace piece of they’re symbols to make something like a best friend necklace.

  • Well, I’m not in the US but I am soooo jealous for whoever wins this giveaway! That loot looks amazing 😀

  • First of all, I love everything mentioned here. The shirts are amazing (I’m a huge Hannibal fangirl) and I love the nail wraps. As for what I’d love to see, I love the idea of a totebag like others mentioned. Can never have too many of those. I could also easily go for a necklace or clutch. Maybe a cute wallet.

  • Everything looks so cute! In the “Versus” subscription, I would love to see something Capt America Civil War related : )

  • I absolutely adore the Deadpool taco shirt! I have to admit, I’m hoping to see some Alien vs. predator loot in the next box. Love your post!

  • What a neat notion! 😀
    I love geeky jewelry– some geeky scarves would be a new way to up my accessory game!

  • Aldercy

    A Wonder Woman stationery set would be pretty sweet.

  • Serena Powell

    I absolutely love that Deadpool shirt. I’m super sad that I didn’t get the Level Up for February.

    For March’s Level Up, I would love to see an awesome Batman versus Superman shirt. It would be great if they could have some Wonder Woman accessories, like cuff bracelets, or Aquaman items, like a trident necklace.

  • Shanice Williams

    Great post as always and you’re right great loot!!! Also Richonne shipper here and I’m still in cloud 9!!!???

  • Shannon

    I really enjoy your videos. Ps super cute headband.

  • Brianna

    I’m glad to see that loot crate sees how awesome you are! Lol I love the level up gear ?❤??????

  • Danielle A Davis

    I want it alllllll! OMFUnicorn! ??????????