LeSportsac It’s a Small World bag Giveaway Winners!

ERMERGERD, y’all.  Tim and I just spent nearly an hour cutting and folding all the entries up for the LeSportsac It’s a Small World giveaway so I could stick them in a hat and pick three winners at random!

I know, you don’t care about that! So who won?

 Here are the folks whose names I pulled out:

The first name I pulled out was Rachel’s, so she gets the third place prize!

Second name was Caitlin’s, so she gets the second place prize!

And the Grand Prize winner is Margarita!!!

Thanks to all who participated in this giveaway, and a GINORMOUS thank you to LeSportsac for sponsoring it! 🙂

To the winners, please email your mailing info so I can send your pretty purses to you ASAP!


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  • oh my gosh I haven’t won anything, so this is what it feels like to be a winner! if you don’t mind, can i send you a private message on your facebook page? i feel so happy and lucky and I CAN’T believe it! thank you NINA!!! AND LESPORTSAC! <3

  • Rachel Richardson

    Ermergerd!!!! I never win stuff! I am squeeing and jumping up and down in my desk chair at work. Thank you soooo much! My day is made!!!!!

  • ERMERGERD! THANKS, NINA! 😀 I’m so excited! It doesn’t get much better than Disney and Mary Blair!

  • congrats to the winers!
    check out my latest post: