Happy Mutha’s Day!


Me, my sister, Inay, and Mama. Circa 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and aunties out there — including the ones who happen to have furry babies like dogs and cats!!! 😀

Me and my fluffy son.

So this means today is my first Mother’s Day!!! Rory is currently nuzzled by my feet as I type this post. I suppose that’s all he can do since puppies can’t plan surprises (they can make unpleasant and messy ones though).

I’d especially like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother figures in my life, especially my own whom I call Inay (means “mom” in Tagalog). I also like to call her Muddah. 🙂

Inay and I in the early 90s.

Auntie Ricki holding me as a wee baby.

Auntie Nelly with me, my sister, and our 3 cousins at Disneyland.

Mamang and I.

Auntie Ashie and Auntie Ada — my Bay Area Mamas.

I hope all you mothers and mother figures have a wonderful day!!!

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  • Marine

    You’re so lucky to have all these wonderful women in your life Nina 🙂 You look so different as a little girl compared to now. But hey, i do too 🙂 What did you do for your Ina on Mothers Day? I baked my mum scones, as she loves them to DEATH! Then we had a nice dinner, simple roast chicken mmmmm.
    Hope you guys had a lovely day 🙂

    • Thanks Marine! I got my mom an orange hippo ring by Betsey Johnson. It was practically perfect because she loves jewelry, she loves hippos, and her favorite color is orange. 😀 My dad and I took my mom out for lunch at a local Greek restaurant, and then my dad bought her an iPad! It’s safe to say she had a wonderful Mother’s Day.