Dark Side of the Garden

outfit details – dress: H&M // belt + cardigan: Merona // boots: Dirty Laundry // purse: Coach // r2-d2 pouch: Target // Stormtrooper ring: from a cupcake! // Darth Vader necklace: Once Upon a Smorgasbord (buy here)

OMG, an outfit post! I haven’t done one of these in awhile, so I suppose it’s time to fix that, right?

This is what I wore on Tuesday, so it’s not exactly an OOTD, but it’s coo, baby. It’s coo. I tend to wear dresses, cardigans, and boots A LOT because it’s pretty much my fail safe. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the weather gets warmer though. Ugh! I don’t even want to think about spring!

With this particular outfit, I was feeling very Lisa Loeb-y circa 1994… despite the fact that I’m not wearing my glasses. I misplaced them on Tuesday morning, buuut fun fact time!: they’re reading glasses, so I don’t particularly need to wear them all the time. I just like wearing them a lot because I love glasses and things look a lot nicer when I wear them. And of course, I had to add some geeky elements, so I threw in my Stormtrooper ring that I got on a cupcake, and I found this super rad R2-D2 pouch at Target last month! It came with a bunch of Lemon Head candies, but I just gave those suckers away. It has a little clip on it, so I attached it to my purse and stuck my chapstick, lipstick, and a compact mirror in it for easy access. I don’t know what else it could possibly be used for besides that. o__0

Also, I just added the Darth Vader necklace I’m wearing with this outfit to my Etsy store, Once Upon a Smorgasbord! I thought it might be a good idea to incorporate some of my pieces into my outfits just to show y’all how they can be worn and whatnot šŸ™‚ Darth Vader looks quite lovely amongst the floral print of my dress, does he not?! For a better view of it, you can check it out here.

Star WarsĀ + Floral prints = EPICAL GEEKY GIRLYNESS!!!


PS: Shout out to my Dark Side Sister, Nami who loves and finds the Sith Lord to be a fashionable entity just as much as I do!

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  • “And you say…I only hear what I want to…”
    And I hear Star Wars talk…you’re so Dark-Side-Swaggy.
    Love it all.

    Also, this: http://fab.com/sale/18772/product/59670/


  • You have such a great smile and I love your dress!!!!

  • Janine

    LOVE the bag! Want!

  • Dark side love!!

    And I want that stormtrooper ring! Off to hunt down some SW cupcakes…

  • So adorable. Love the R2S2 bad.

  • You are so cute! I love your dress and that bag is adorable! I can’t wait to see more outfit posts!



    Southern (California) Belle

  • That Artoo pouch and your ring are amazing! Did you get that pouch at Target recently? I need it in my life! T_T

    • Thanks, Mandie! I got the pouch almost a month ago. They might have them still, and there’s also a Darth Vader one! šŸ™‚