Curator’s Corner #3: Freddy Scribbles

I stumbled upon the art of Autumm Fredrickson, who goes by the moniker Freddy Scribbles, at Stockton Con last December. I was on the upper level looking below and saw someone flipping though her portfolio and was immediately drawn to the most adorable little print of Loki and I had to have it! It’s currently hanging above my bed 🙂 Freddy Scribbles art consists of many beloved characters from nerd culture — not only does she have the cutest Loki print, but she has all of the Avengers (even Nick Fury and Phil Coulson)! She also makes plushies called Cubies (kyoo-bees) and currently has The Hulk, Thor, Harley Quinn, and some Avengers keychains available in her store (pictured below).

I hope you all enjoy the art of Freddy Scribbles! Be prepared to say “awww!” 😀

Iron Man

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Captain America

Thor and Loki

The Hulk

Phil Coulson and Nick Fury

Hulk and Thor Cubies

White Phoenix

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Death and Delirium from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”

“The Doctor and Sexy”

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Holiday Cubie

Wonder Woman

You can follow Freddy Scribbles and check out the rest of her art on:


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