Cthulhu Calling

Some friends have showered me with compliments about how photogenic I am and have been told a few times that I should model professionally. While I find it super sweet and flattering, that just makes me just want to wave my hand dismissively whilst saying, “Me? Model? Pssssshhhh.” Growing up, I never felt pretty because I was always made fun of for the way I looked — especially because I was chubby (and obviously still am). I remember in second grade I had a crush on a boy and I was sitting next to him during lunch. My BFF at the time kept saying, “I know who Nina likes! I know who Nina likes!” And even though I insisted that she shut up, she went ahead and let it slip, and the boy let me know he did not feel the same way by dropping his eating utensils and scooting the hell away from me while saying, “Uggggh! Ugggh!” 🙁

I could list more harrowing experiences from my youth that contributed to my low self-esteem, but I won’t.

Anyway, a few months ago I responded to a California open-call Sourpuss Clothing put out on Instagram to do a photoshoot for new pieces from their Fall collection. I figured, “why not?” If my friends think I have what it takes, then I should go for it. By the time they got my email they said that they had already picked out their models, BUT they liked my blog a lot and wanted to send me some of the dresses that they photographed for the shoot!  So here I am wearing one of their “Love Crafty” Cthulhu dresses they sent. 😀 I have yet to read any Cthulhu stories that H.P. Lovecraft wrote, but they’re on my infinitely long list of things to read.

Thanks for the dresses, Sourpuss! And no thank you to the boy(s) who made me feel gross and ugly. 😛

dress: c/o Sourpuss Clothing (buy here) | vest: Mossimo (buy here)
belt: Xhileration | ankle boots: Blowfish Shoes
black tights: ? | hair flower: Laliberi
pen necklace: vintage | bullet bracelet: MVH Designs (buy here)
gold watch: Timex glasses: Brooks Brothers 


photo credit: Jennifer Khut

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  • melificentmom

    I love this story!!!!
    & you aren’t the only one. I also was teased & looked over by many (aka; all) boys so it really resonated with me.
    ps; you are beautiful – own it, little lady!


    • Not only is this a fabulous story, but you look great! And a Lovecraftian dress!? <3

      • Thank you, Kristin! And yeeesss, they have a skirt and a pinup-ish looking dress too!!

    • Thanks, girl! Jokes on them now because we’re cute 😀

  • Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    I had my fair share of shitty comments from guys and girls growing up, but you are 100% rocking this look and all of the others you share! Those tween/teen years are truly some of the worst.

  • Oooooh, what an awesome story. So proud of you for putting yourself out there, even if it didn’t work out exactly as you’d hoped. That dress looks fantastic on you too. 😀

  • Super Adorable! And love your background!!! That Adipose tho’

  • So much yes!! That dress is an absolute killer. 🙂 I am so happy to hear you went for the Sourpuss open call. You are so rad.