“I like being weird, weird’s all I’ve got. That and my sweet style.”

– Moss, The IT Crowd

Greetings and salutations!

My name is Nina and I use this space on the web to share pictures and thoughts of the things I love to geek out about the most. You’ll find a lot of personal style posts here, but I also like to document my adventures with my friends, family, and my furry companion Rory (named after Williams, not Gilmore), and write about the books, tv shows, and movies I enjoy and other stuff that happens to be going on in my life.

I earned my BA in English (Creative Writing) from San Francisco State University and recently earned a certificate to become a professional dog groomer from Allen’s Academy of Dog Grooming. When I’m not working on Le Fancy Geek or my fandom jewelry store (Le Fancy Geek Boutique), I work as a reading tutor at a local community college and am the Content & Community Manager at WISHI.

The fandoms I’m most crazy about are Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, and Game of Thrones. I enjoy reading, long walks around Target and bookstores, writing, puppies, equine creatures, traveling, big words, cardigans, glasses, shopping, doing craft projects, watching movies, mix tapes, a good cuppa tea, and cookies. I’m also an INFJ Hufflepuff with Gryffindor tendencies.

Thanks for stopping by!


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You can find some of my writing at Wear Your Voice Mag as well.

contact: chezfancypants@gmail.com

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  1. Brooke aka Veronica

    Hey Girl,

    I love your fashion blog! It is so cute :). You are making me wanna get all dolled up now. I have been so lazy lately. Keep up the good work. Love ya sistah xoxoxo

  2. I’ve been reading through your blog and I absolutely love it! I’ve been looking for blogs to help me find my own style and this helped a lot. I’ve also been checking out your blog roll and am now madly in love with Nerd Boyfriend! P.S. Batman is my homeboy. 😀

  3. Nicole Welker

    So the more I read you’re blog, the more I love that I’m not the only nerd girl that also likes fashion. I tend to sport a lot of Batman in my wardrobe, but I’ve been learning how to “dress up Batman” and I’m having a blast. Also, you have the cutest puppy! 😀

  4. Hi Nina! I love your blog and your overall fashion style <3 I love the IT Crowd, too! I found your blog through aredlipandanudeshoe's blog, love her too! hehe =) Oh, and love the tardis background! My hubby and I love Doctor Who!

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