A Smorgasbord of Mushy Cute Stuff

Happy Valentine’s Day/Single’s Awareness Day/Thursday, everyone!

I don’t have any huge plans like I did last year, but Tim and I are going to stay in and eat pizza (I think…?) and watch movies this evening — we’re basically just doing what we usually do whenever we get to hangout over the weekend. Good times!

I just wanted to share some geeky and not so geeky Valentine greetings, including some I remember giving/receiving from the 90s, that I found on the interwebs!

Hope you all enjoy your day whether you happen to celebrate this Hallmark holiday or not 😀

Harry Potter valentines by Kjersti Faret. Click here to see more!

Doctor Who Valentines by Tom Kurzanski

Dalek valentine by Amy Liu


I actually got that Abu card from a boy I couldn’t stand in first grade!

Star Wars valentines by Katie Cook

via Tumblr

I’m pretty sure I handed these The Little Mermaid cards one year 🙂

Downton Abbey valentine by Hurricane Vanessa

Sherlock valentines by robbicide

Firefly valentine via Hypable

I can’t find the original creator for this Firefly greeting – HELP!

Scott Pilgrim valentines via Uproxx


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5 Responses to A Smorgasbord of Mushy Cute Stuff

  1. Casey

    Cute, but what’s with the Nemo one? And, the Scott Pilgrim one? Awesome.

  2. Oh my gosh! So much cute! I’d be so excited to get any one of these!

  3. Hope you guys had a lovely evening. What movie did you watch?
    We don’t really celebrate valentines in Australia (unless your my husband, hehehe) so it’s super rad to see all the old valentines. I love the batgirl and Scott pilgrim ones.

    • I can’t even remember if we actually did watch a movie, but I remember we stayed in and watched a bunch of Adventure Time episodes and ate pizza! I hope you and your husband had an awesome Valentine’s Day too!!

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