A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

outfit details – pullover: Forever 21 // dress: BCX (buy here) // ring + earrings: Once Upon a Smorgasbord (buy here and here) // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here) // shoes: Mossimo

I was looking through my wallet the other day and noticed that I never took out my Annual Pass to Disneyland despite the fact that it expired two months ago. *cries* A key to happiness with an expiration date is the saddest thing ever! Wah wah wah. #firstworldproblems

So today’s outfit is a “what I’d wear to Disneyland” kind of a thing, but really — I’d wear Disney related clothing ANYWHERE. 😀

I actually wore this lacey navy blue dress on my last trip to Disneyland (seen here). Annnd, this is the dress’ third appearance in an outfit post (seen here). Sorry I’m not sorry for recycling! I got my lavender Cinderella pullover a couple years ago when Forever 21 first started selling them. Naturally, I went ape sh!t and bought almost every friggin’ one they had, except for yellow Lion King pullover which they never had in my size every time I stumbled upon it. RUGH!

The jewelry I’m wearing is made by yours truly and I just put them up on Once Upon a Smorgasbord! Don’t worry, I’m just wearing them for show in this outfit. I didn’t actually go out and about wearing them! And with Mother’s Day coming closer and closer, it’s too late for me to have a sale like I originally intended. Mah bad.

So bad news: if you want to buy something for your mama from Once Upon a Smorgasbord, it won’t ship out on time.

Good news: I’m going to start a sale ON Mother’s Day! I’ll be adding more things to the store, so be on the lookout for more info on that and a code to use at checkout 😀


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  • You look adorable. That jumper is amazing and looks so great paired with your earrings.

    • Thanks, my dear! After making all that Cinderella jewelry I thought they’d go great with the pullover/jumper too! 🙂

  • Too cute! I love the sweater. And the squinkie earrings… I LOVE the Disney squinkies, but haven’t bought any – never thought to use them as jewelery! <3

    • Thanks, Julie!! I love the little Squinkies too, but I knew they’d collect dust if I just left them the way they were so I figured turning them into jewelry would be a good way to make use of them!

  • really pretty outfit and pics ;)) xx

  • Loving the jumper!

  • margarita geronimo

    i really love the ring!