A Day at the Museum

I’m a fan of dinosaurs and museums, so if there’s a museum that has a dinosaur section I’m more than willing to go. So of course the American Museum of Natural History (ANHM) was on the top of my list of places I MUST visit while in New York! It virtually has EVERYTHING — space, earth science, marine life, wildlife, SO MANY THINGS… it was absolutely overwhelming and I’m so bummed that we didn’t get to explore the whole place (we also went to the Metropolitan Art Museum that day and spent even less time there). We were able to go to the two sections I wanted to see most though which were the dinosaurs (duh!) and the marine life area.

The marine life area only proved to me that monsters do, in fact, exist, and they all happen to live in the ocean. There is some frightening sh!t down there — some creatures look like they’d be monsters from Doctor Who, that’s how scary they are. In fact, I saw something that looks EXACTLY like a monster that was on Doctor Who!

“Come at me bro!”

Does this remind anyone else of Parks & Recreation?

I found Prisoner Zero!

The almighty Hypnotoad’s ancestor…?

Puppy-sized Stegosaurus.

That’s just some of the pictures I took at the ANHM. Hope you little ponies enjoyed them! Next up will be a post full of pictures I took at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!


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  • All Hail Hypnotoad! I seriously lol’d at that reference. And thank you for sharing your photos, the AMNH looks seriously amazing. I will have to check it out next time I am in NYC.

  • Wow this museum looks amazing! My nieces are currently obsessed with dinosaurs so I bet they’d have fun …or maybe get really freaked out lol


  • Yes! Totally reminded me of Parks and Rec. Haha!

  • I’ve visited the AMNH once before and these photos make me REALLY wanna go back!

  • Super cute! Great photos!

    – Anna