5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Vehicles I’d Love to Travel In

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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another installment of 5 Fandom Friday! Today I’m going to be sharing what 5 fictional vehicles I’d love to travel in, so let’s get started!



DUH! This has got to be on everyone’s list, right?! I want to travel in the TARDIS because it can go anywhere in space and time! I’d ask the Doctor to take me back in time to see Queen and The Police in concert because how cool would it be to see Freddie Mercury, the greatest vocalist of all time, perform live?!

✿ The Batmobile

I feel like I need to be specific with what model of the Batmobile I’d prefer to travel in, because the one from the Christopher Nolan movies is just… a baby tank. I’m gonna go with the 1960s a la Adam West because it’s the first form of the Batmobile I was ever introduced to. Plus I like the bubbly windshield. 🙂

✿ The Bus (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

When it’s not under attack, the Bus looks like a fun place to be. And Agent May could just put it on auto-pilot and teach me how to kick ass in the Bus’ gym. I wanna be Agent May when I grow up! Is it too late for that?

✿ The Millennium Falcon

Because it’s the mother effin’ Millennium Falcon, that’s why!

✿ The back of Steve Rogers’ motorcycle 

To be specific, I would like to ride on the back of Steve Roger’s motorcycle while Steve Rogers himself (Chris Evans version) is in control of the vehicle. Hehehehehe – insert heart eye emojis –


To find out the origins of 5 Fandom Friday, go here. And check out The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick to catch up with the latest prompts! 

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  • The Bus! That’s an inspired choice.

  • Oh hello! Back of Steve Rodgers motor cycle. I like where you are coming from. The Bat mobile is another excellent choice!

    • Why thank you 😀

  • Adam West’s Batmobile is definitely the most stylish of the Batmobiles! Such a classic beauty. Good choice!

    • It totally is! I Googled the one from the Tim Burton movies and it just didn’t speak to me the way that the Adam West one does.

  • optimal choice of the Batmobile, I also chose

    • Huzzah for the Batmobile!

  • Lol love the Steve Rogers pick

  • Thanks! I felt quite clever when I thought of it 😀

  • Yes! Yes! YES! to number 5! And I love that the Batmobile is on here!! Such a sweet ride!

  • Eeee! TARDIS is on mine as well. ♥ Jen and I each did our own list this week, so fun~!

  • OMG!!! THE BUS!!! Love your list <3

  • B

    I think you could have left it at “the back of Steve Rogers” and it would work too. LOL

  • Beverly

    This list is absolutely perfect! My list exactly. Nice choices. 🙂

  • I love your list, I love this topic, I’m so bummed I wasn’t around to post my answers D,: